Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Credit

Villanova recognizes advanced standing from the College Board’s Advanced Placement program (AP) and from the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB). Students who have taken these courses should report to their College Dean's office to verify Villanova's receipt of the scores to ensure that proper adjustments have been made to their academic records. The courses will be entered into the student's record with Villanova credit without a grade. In some cases, the Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate results may allow the student to place out of a lower level course, but will not be counted as credit.

The following AP courses will receive Villanova credit if a student receives a score of 4 or 5:

U.S. History (07); Art /Art History (13); Biology (20); Calculus (66 or 68); Calculus Subgrade (69); Chemistry (25); Computer Science (31); Economics (34 and 35); English (36 or 37); European History (43); Chinese Language and Culture (28); French (48); Japanese Language and Culture (64); Italian Language and Culture (62); Latin (60); Environmental Science (40); Human Geography (53); Physics (80 or 82); Political Science (57 or 58); Psychology (85); Spanish (87 or 89); Statistics (90); World History (93).

Only International Baccalaureate Higher Level course work will be considered for credit. The following Higher Level IB courses will receive Villanova credit if a student receives a score of 6 or 7: Anthropology; Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Computer Science Information Technology; French A; English; Economics; Geography; History: Americas; History: Europe; Italian; Latin; Mathematics; Mathematics Further; Music; Philosophy; Physics; Psychology; Spanish A. Students also receive credit for score of 5 in Computer Science H L, Computer Science Information Technology, English, Economics, Geography, and Mathematics Further.