Financial Aid Probation

Villanova University will assign this status to a student who fails to make satisfactory academic progress and who has successfully appealed and had eligibility for aid reinstated. If the Office of Financial Assistance determines that the Academic Progress Standards can be waived for one semester, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Probation. As part of the student’s Financial Aid Probation, the Office requires a student, along with their academic advisor, to develop and submit an academic plan that includes a strategy of improving progress and reaching the student’s educational goals. A student placed on Financial Aid Probation may receive Federal and Villanova University funds for one semester. The student will be required to meet the University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress standards at the end of the semester or meet the terms and conditions of their academic plan as well as the plan established by the academic advisor.

At the end of the probationary semester, the Office of Financial Assistance will determine if academic progress requirements have been met or if the student continues on the path of the designated academic plan. If requirements have been met, the probationary status will be removed. If academic requirements have not been met, and the student has deviated from the academic plan, the student may not receive Federal or need-based Villanova University funds for the following semester. A student may only be granted one semester of Financial Aid Probation during their academic career.